Learn how to manage your website in WordPress

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In this post we inform our clients how they should manage their website, created by us, and thus modify texts and images at their choice.

What we can do for your website

We provide advice in case the client does not master the technique, either through an additional course or tutorial. We can also do this task for an additional cost.

The company makes an initial backup of all the pages, databases, images, texts, etc. of the website on the day of the final delivery to the client.

This backup copy will be stored securely so that, in the event of a problem with the website or loss of information by the customer, it can be restored to the starting point (when the website was officially delivered to the customer).

The client should only modify the texts and photographs to his liking.

Photographs: The photographs to be added must have an adequate resolution and a weight as low as possible to prevent the website from being slow, especially on mobile devices. This could cause the user to leave before the page is fully loaded.

Avoid frustrations by learning how the WordPress management system works correctly.

Learn how to manage your website in WordPress
Collaboration between Arte y Web Creaciones and the customer

Guide on how to modify your website:

Modifying a web page requires professional knowledge of the system. WordPress (the standard components used in the creation of the website) allows you to edit text and photos in a relatively simple way, but the composition (distribution in blocks of content) requires more knowledge.

Arte y Web Creaciones created the design blocks according to the web creation contract agreed with the client.

The customer can now modify the content of the photographs and texts.

Any modification in the layout of the website blocks may require a deeper and more significant knowledge of the subject.

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